Pierre Swärd Hammond Jazz´n Soul Group
Photo: Fredrik Sweger

Hammond is back!

Showcasing a Hammond B3 organ the Pierre Swärd Hammond Jazz’n Soul Group swings’n grooves their way straight into the 21th century.

The sound of the group has It’s origin in the organjazz established by legendary names such as Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff and Jack McDuff during the sixties.

The Pierre Swärd Hammond Jazz’n Soul Group consists of:

Pierre Swärd - Hammond B3 and vocals, Jan Ottesen- Guitar, Jocke Ekberg -Drums.

The band offers a fresh mix of original compositions signed Swärd and Ottesen aswell as tunes by Wes Montgomery, Jaco Pastorius and Roland Kirk, among others.

The vibe of the music spans over wide horizons- from heavygroovin’ rough and funky tunes to quiet, mellow ballads. Jazz, Soul, Blues and Funk are being mixed into a spontaneous, dynamic musical brew.

The Pierre Swärd Hammond Jazz’n Soul Group tore down the house one Octobernight 1991 at the Fasching Jazzclub in Stockholm, which initiated a fantastic period of time for Pierre, his faithful Hammond B3 and the trio. The unmistakable Hammond sound and the groove are the trademarks of the trio.

Several live performance has been broadcasted on the radio throughout the years. They’ve also participated in TV broadcasted shows, for example SVT:s “Jazz at Nalen” in the fall of 2000.

The Pierre Swärd Hammond Jazz’n Soul Group has released 2 CD:s. “Organ Jazz’n Soul” (1996) and “Up and at It” (2001), and they are currently planning a third release.

Pierre has played and toured with his 190 kilo B3 for over thirty years. A playing and touring which has resulted in numerous live, TV and radio performances aswell as album recordings.

Here are a few examples: Ulf Wakenius, Lisa Nilsson, Nils Landgren, Blacknuss, Marie Fredriksson, Victoria Tolstoy, Svante Thuresson, Nils-Bertil Dahlander, Bernard ”Pretty” Purdie, Peps Persson, Late night with Luuk and Dominans.

Pierre has a close cooperation with Swedish Hammond and Hammond Europe, and he’s a postername for Hammond. This has among other things resulted in tours in Holland and Belgium in the fall of 2002.

Pierre Swärd Hammond Jazz’n Soul Group aim towards the future

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Photo: Ingvar Eriksson / Jemtska Hammondsällskapet